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Welcome to:

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This is a place where I hope to share my love for books, tea and cats, because they make great reading buddies. Each posting will feature one type of tea and three book selections.  In general those selections will include a work of fiction, nonfiction, and a children’s book, because one should never be too old to read juvenile literature.

My Story:

Rather than share a formal biography of myself here, I would rather you get to know me through my postings.  This site is the result of many hours of reading, journaling, discussing and sharing of all things literary.  I have found that nothing goes better with a book than a cup of tea and a cat curled next to you. This site, at least for now, is a hobby, and I receive no sponsorships of any kind, nor do I claim to be an expert.


A book is like a security blanket; I am never without one.  Although I may have found a book or two that I thought was too long or a tea variety that was not my favorite, I have diverse tastes and am open to trying anything at least once.  

I hope this will be a positive space, and that you will feel comfortable sharing your thoughts here as well.

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